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The false news is that I have twins - Damitha Abeyratne

 Veteran actress Damitha Abeyratne has come live on Facebook and commented on a false rumour circulating on social media recently. It was reported that Damitha was expecting twins and was preparing for it. Damitha Abeyratne says it is false news.

'Yes, I am a woman who aspires to be a mother. I will get it if I have to. But this is bad news. The fact that a person is born and dies is not a joke. Why not find out before posting such sensitive issues? How many people have been killed due to such misinformation in the recent past? It does not appeal to those who want to earn from these.

This news is not spread by people who do not know me. Some people don't like it when I get a job after a while. When someone tells a lie, others copy it and add more stuff. These are not good works. In a country where there are good journalists, social journalists have degenerated to the point where they can make money on lawlessness. I can't imagine why people would be tempted to do such a common thing. 'Following is the story of Damitha, who came live on Facebook


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